Vote for your favorite video blog!

As we mentioned in our BLWE column last week, Logo has created a special award as part of their NewNowNext Awards, and ours is "What’s your favorite video blog?" Shocking, I know. We were allowed to choose five nominees, so we chose the ones that received the most video streams on average per episode at the time: We’re Getting Nowhere, Brunch With Bridget, What’s YOUR Problem?, She Made Me Watch This! and Come With Me If You Want to Live.
(This doesn’t mean all the other vlogs aren’t awesome, too!)

Voting for the Favorite Video Blog poll will stay open until Saturday night, June 7th, when we’ll announce the winner, and post videos of the awards show (so you can watch it in full here on at the same time it’s debuting on the Logo TV channel).

Feel free to post your guesses as to who will win in the comments, or your reasons for voting for a particular vlog, but please don’t make negative comments about the vlogs you don’t vote for, since this is supposed to be all in good fun, and each week all the vloggers are sacrificing their time and energy (and sanity! or maybe that’s just me…) to keep you entertained at work school home.