Photos of the 2008 NYC Meet-Up

Last Sunday a bunch of vloggers and staff along with the women of 3Way attended a NYC meet-and-greet with some of you. We were expecting a a few dozen people, and got a around 200 instead! It was crazy! But in a good way (mostly). It was great to meet everyone and see some of the faces behind the usernames.

Below are some photos from the event — about half are from our new NYC photographer Saidi Granados, and the others from readers and our own cameras (thanks to the readers who sent them in!). Enjoy!

Note: Jenn, Cathy Shim and Maile Flanagan couldn’t attend at the last minute due to schedule conflicts.

The crowd at Cowgirl

Bridget McManus, Jill Bennett, and Dee
(Dee has no last name, just a first one — like Cher)

Bridget and Kate McKinnon with Chireese
(I’m sure I spelled her name wrong, but she’s the woman who
loves Love and Basketball as much as I do!)

Karman Kregloe with AE reader (and video editor extraordinare) Charlie


Bridget, Jill, AE reader Jenny, and Dee

Dee, Bridget, and Jill with Maeve Quinlan

Maeve and AE reader Michy

Nancylee Myatt, Sarah Warn (me) and Gloria Bigelow

Dara Nai with two cute AE readers

Nancylee and an AE reader who very, very kindly
bought me a bottle of water early on (thank you!!)

Nancylee, Brooke, Paige Bernhardt, and Tami Lane
(who won an Oscar in 2006 for her makeup work on
the first Chronicles of Narnia movie — how cool is that?)

Dara and Karman, surely up to no good

Me with AE readers Nikkay and Shaye

Bridget and Kate threaten to do some damage with a pen

Jill and Paige have a rubber-band shoot-out with Karman across the room

Lori smiles

Karman takes the indirect approach when giving compliments…

Maeve signs 3Way posters

Jill signs someone’s stomach

Jill signs a little higher

Dara and Karman sign a little lower

Bridget proves she’s freakishly strong again by lifting Jill in the air

The cast of the upcoming lesbian prison series, “Lesbians Take Manhattan!”

Thanks to everyone who came out for the event, I hope you had as much fun as we did! Feel free to link to or post your photos of the event in the comments.

(And if you want to see photos of us at the NewNowNext awards the next day, go to the last page of this week’s Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. column.)