Women who slay us

On any given day, the Lifetime Movie Network will play a made-for-TV movie that features a woman scorned, and sometimes, she will kill to get what she wants. But so often, those women are killing for a man they are dangerously obsessed with, and I just can’t relate.

But MSN Movies currently has a count down of film’s famous fatale femmes, including The Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz, Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty and, my personal favorite, Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes in Misery. While I can’t relate with these women either, I can understand why they might take issues with the ones they love to hate (Dorothy killed the Witch’s sister — that’s certainly worth some cinematic revenge.)

MSN’s list got me thinking of a few other favorite characters that happened to be murderers (or perhaps just misunderstood.)

Hedy in Single White Female

Jennifer Jason Leigh stars as Bridget Fonda’s new roommate who gets obsessively weird in the worst way. As Hedy, Leigh perfectly began to become a creep, emulating Allie (Fonda) in every way — as if stealing her signature auburn pixie cut wasn’t enough. On her quest to become Allie’s doppelganger, she manages to kill her boyfriend, her neighbor, and her poor puppy.

Ivy in Poison Ivy

Sylvie (Sara Gilbert) befriends Ivy (Drew Barrymore), who proceeds to kill her sick mother and sleep with her father. Barrymore and Gilbert circa 1990 were a great pair, and Ivy gets hers in the end — but not until she’s basically screwed Sylvie’s family over in every possible way. Hard to believe Barrymore could ever be a villain.

Courtney in Jawbreaker

Rose McGowan played the perfect bitch in the 1999 dark comedy. She accidentally kills her BFF Liz, but doesn’t seem to regret it at all. Instead, she frames innocent people and takes over as the reigning queen of her high school — until she’s outed at (where else?) her prom.

Obviously I have an affinity for ‘90s flicks, but there are so many others that star maniacal and conniving killer women, and the women that play them only make the characters better. Do you have any favorites?