2008 Hot 100 Preview: LEIGHTON MEESTER

As power-teenager Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester rules her Upper East Side school (most of the time.) And why shouldn’t she? The 22-year-old former model is a beautiful brunette (though she’s admittedly a natural blonde.)

Leighton (who has such a hot name, right?) has appeared on hit shows like House, Law and Order, and Entourage, so it seems to me that she is a smart girl, too. Or perhaps ratings pick up just after she appears on-screen.

She reigns on Gossip Girl, though, so she’s now a regular staple on our weekly television schedule. Especially because she often shares scenes with Blake Lively.

Leighton Meester debuted somewhere on the Hot 100 list this year. Did you vote for her to be number one?