The real Allison DuBois gets a show on Sci Fi

I’ve been a huge fan of Medium since it premiered in 2005. I’m a sucker for all things paranormal and so this show was right up my alley. Plus, it stars the lovely Patricia Arquette in the role of world-renowned medium Allison DuBois, and what could be better? OK, a few things spring to mind, but regardless, I was happy to learn that the real Allison DuBois is getting her own TV series on Sci Fi.

The show (with the working title Soul Evidence) will follow DuBois and a team of psychics as they work together to solve real-life crimes. Specific details about the series are slim-to-none at the moment, though I’ll be interested to see how they work to make the show different from the slew of other psychic crime solving reality shows out there. We already have Psychic Detectives, Psychic Witness and Psychic Investigators (just to name a few), so it remains unclear what Soul Evidence will bring to the genre. (I suppose casting a well-known medium is always a good start, as well as veering away from the use of psychic in the title.)

In any case, the popularity of NBC’s Medium is sure to help the new show along, at least initially, but it remains to be seen whether the real Allison DuBois can hold the public’s interest quite as well as her fictional self does.

Will you be tuning in to Soul Evidence when it premiers or are you over the whole psychic crime-solving idea? And what do you think they could do to make this show stand out from the rest?