Rosario Dawson heads up the “Gemini Division”

Back in May, we got you pumped for the summer debut of the so-gorgeous-we’d-watch-her-in-anything Rosario Dawson’s role in the web series Gemini Division. I’m not totally sure about this whole web series thing — this one, for example, will run 50 episodes that will be five to seven minutes each. I guess it’s good for people obsessed with sci-fi, but with attention spans too short for an actual television show. Anyway, I am sure that I love TV shows and movies that feature hot women kicking ass. Of course Dawson fits that bill for this series.

Dawson plays undercover NYC cop Anna Diaz, who’s investigating the murder of her husband. What she discovers is an elaborate U.S. government conspiracy that involves simulated human soldiers (“sims”) suspected of being terrorists. Of course her husband was a sim, so she has to decide whether she’s fighting the sims or the U.S. government that employs her. Tough stuff.

The trailer is pretty intense, ending with Eugene Alper, as Dr. Thaddeus Lazlo, warning Dawson’s character: “Don’t do it, Diaz. Don’t choose the wrong side.” Dramatic pause, music, fade to black.

Of course, Rosario Dawson is used to filling thrilling roles and kicking a lot of ass. In September, she’ll be appearing in Eagle Eye with Billy Bob Thornton and Shia LaBeouf — another film where she winds up mistakenly wrapped up in terrorist activities. It was also announced in June that she’ll be appearing in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie (though not as the Amazon super hero herself).

But, in the meantime, Gemini Division will run weekdays starting Aug. 18 on Will you be tuning in?