Fun Friday: Face your Manga and send yourself to the Olympics

Ah, Friday. The perfect day for wasting time figuring out how you’re gong to waste time over the weekend. And is here to help, with two ways to have hours of fun without accomplishing a single productive thing.

First, via Whitney at Pop Candy, the challenge to make a Manga of yourself with “Face Your Manga.” It’s fun, but a little limited in terms of hairstyles and other identifying characteristics, like ears. Did you know that ears are as distinct as fingerprints? But I digress.

Here are my versions of No. 1 Hottie Tina Fey and the woman who (sort of) started it all, Ellen.

And here is Jodie Foster with me — the only chance I will ever have to say that. Actually, it’s me except for the hair and the cleavage. But what good is a tool like this if you can’t enhance yourself a little?

Play with it a bit and post your creations in the comments.

At the other end of the creativity spectrum — as in requiring none at all — is the latest offering from the funny folks at Olympic Sendables. I spent hours at this site, plugging in various faces. The fact that I laughed every time gives you an idea of my mental age.

Let’s see how some of our editors are celebrating the games, starting with everybody’s favorite blog editor, Trish Bendix.

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And you thought she was just a pretty face.

Here’s the soon-to-depart Malinda Lo, revealing for the first time the real reason she’s leaving

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Why should we be surprised? After all, her vlog is all about divers-ity. (Sorry.)

Last, but never least, a glimpse of Sarah Warn and GF Lori in a blog-pleasing finale.

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With moves like that, it’s no wonder Olympic lenses stay focused on the posterior.

I hope you’re as easily entertained as I am. Have a great weekend!