Sheryl Crow rocks the vote

Attention voters of America: Sheryl Crow will sing to you for free — if you can get your voting-resistant friends to register. Well OK, she won’t be performing a private concert in your living room or anything, but she will be giving away her new album, Detours, to the first 50,000 people who register three friends at Rock the Vote.

Crow has been involved with Rock the Vote since its inception 18 years ago. Her new album fits perfectly with this giveaway because the songs are about the war in Iraq, the environment and Hurricane Katrina. Crow hopes it will promote awareness of these matters and at the same time hopes her gratis contribution will tempt people into registering.

Sheryl has made the process of winning her album very simple. Go to the Rock the Vote’s website, log in and rat out invite three people whom you know are not rocking their rights at the polls to sign up to vote. If all three of them accept your invite and register, then you are the price of a CD richer. Don’t you just love democracy?

So right now you might be saying, Reese, I don’t know anybody that’s over the age of 18 and not registered to vote — can I get some free Sheryl Crow music anyway? And I say to you, yes! Those already registered can head to the website and sign in to get a free download of Sheryl’s new politically-inspired song, Gasoline. You can add it to your Election Day playlist and listen to it while you are claiming your political voice and voting for our next president.

Crow is just one of many artists that support Rock the Vote. Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Macy Gray and Bono have all lent their names to the cause in the past. Although Crow’s CD offer is the first of its kind, it may not be the last if her project is a success. Working with Crow, Rock the Vote aims to register two million young people to vote by November 2008, which would make it the largest youth voter drive in history.

So let’s be a part of history, ladies! Defend the right that suffragists worked so hard for us to have and register to vote. At best, your voice will be heard and at worst you’ll be making Sheryl Crow happy. And if it makes her happy, it can’t be that bad.

Are you registered to vote? Do you have friends that aren’t?