Styled Out: She’s got leggings

I’m Emily Hartl, the new style blogger for Styled Out will be a weekly blog, running on Wednesdays, all about fashion. Its aim is to be different than other fashion coverage though, as it’ll be exceptionally less straight! About me: I’m a salon executive and fashion show producer, as well as a personal stylist. In a past life, I wrote a fashion column for an online lesbian magazine and I’m excited to be back at it on Please do utilize the comments section to let me know what you want to see about style. We gay girls are an untapped resource when it comes to fashion, so shouts from the peanut gallery are always encouraged.

Last week we talked all about boys who dress like girls who like boys … or girls? Actually I’m not sure what Cole Mohr’s sexual orientation is at all. Success, Marc Jacobs! Anyway, the latest is that MJ is using t.A.T.u. as his next set of models. Yeah, that’s right — of “All the Things She Said.” As if we’re not confused enough by those two. Vague or “bendy” sexual orientation must really be his bag, right?

But moving forward — I’m really into fall clothing. Layering is a hobby of mine, and I pretty much live for “in-between” weather as it’s the basis of my style. I was shopping at a boutique Presence last weekend and I was losing my mind all over all the colors and patterns they offer of the footless variety. But you know who OVER-does leggings? Our newest celebrity team member, Lindsay Lohan. I can’t really think of a reason why a person would feel the need to incorporate some variety of lycra into every outfit, other than some bizarre medical condition where wearing pants makes your legs break out in hives.

I’d never have referred to our little ginger gay as any kind of trendsetter, but her most recent addiction is alarming to me. We’re talking every ensemble, folks.

While having examples is helpful when it comes to style, we have to take what we have learned from the negative (largely from overkill) and move toward the positive: Everything in moderation. I know this is difficult for some of us, but I assure that it doesn’t require rehab.

In all seriousness, I really like leggings and think they look great as long as, you know, you wear them once or twice a week. They look great and they do keep you warmer than tights. They’re easy to layer and even those who prefer trousers to jumpers can enjoy the benefits. American Apparel makes great leggings that are actually really functional as well as cute. They’re thermal, so when it’s November (but you’re like me and are trying to wear three shirts and a sweater and pass for warm), these are your new best friend. You can wear them under pants of any kind or on their own. Basically what I’m telling you is they’re magical.

Perhaps Samantha Ronson is just a poor (though wildly attractive) influence on Lindsay’s appendage accessory decisions and we shouldn’t judge Lindsay too harshly. It’s hard to concentrate when you’re falling in love, and let’s face it — leggings are easy to shimmy out of for a discrete quickie when you’re hanging out in the DJ booth.