Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, and Condoleeza Rice are the new American dolls

Sarah Palin can officially be bought and sold. No really, it’s true. If you haven’t heard yet, Hero Builders toymakers are selling Sarah Palin dolls for you to collect and cherish for years to come. (Go ahead and take a minute and process this; I know I needed a few when I found out.) You can now own a 12-inch replica of Palin to do with as you wish (I’m sure it will be different for everyone). Malibu Barbie’s days in the sun may be numbered now that political dolls (or “action figures” for those who like to play rough) are available for purchase.

Much like her Barbie counterpart, the Palin doll is available in multiple fun styles that will cost you up to $29.95.

There is Executive Palin, complete with a pantsuit that seems to say, “I may not be Hillary, but I can certainly dress like her”; Super Hero Palin, complete with miniskirt, Matrix-style trench coat and a gun strapped to her thigh (so she can fight off the evil Alaskan Moose Posse); and, if all that weren’t random enough, you could have your very own School Girl Palin a la Britney Spears, circa 1998.

If these dolls do fly off the shelves, we may able to look forward to a series of other limited-edition Palins such as Alaskan Hunter Palin (rifle and fishing pole included) or Hockey Mom Palin, (lipstick and hockey stick included; minivan sold separately). And if the McCain/Palin ticket does make it to presidency, I’m sure the Palin Dream White House will be available just in time for Christmas.

This isn’t the first time that our political figures have been immortalized in plastic.

Hillary Clinton had the honor of being turned into a nutcracker (a stocking stuffer I didn’t quite know what to make of) and Condi Rice has also been miniaturized into a doll sporting a rather poorly tailored blazer.

Granted, their images aren’t exact likenesses, but the sentiment that politics is just as marketable as any TV show is certainly there.

Who would want such a toy? Obviously, no child would want one, so clearly the demographic is me, you and everyone else we know who is clued into politics.

The dolls serve as a quirky cubicle toy, a gift to chastise the democrat or republican in your life, or as a political keepsake to stow away in the attic and forget about forever. Perhaps some will use them to host mini-debates in a shoe box-turned-political sparring ring, where your action-sized Obama and McCain dolls can hash out all the issues in your very own living room. Whatever your reasons are for owning one, the product is available if you want it, serving as a symbol of sorts that politics is more and more becoming kid stuff.

Are any of you willing to fork out the cash for a political action figure? If so, which ones? And finally, would your republican and democratic dolls play nice with each other?