Morning Brew – Mary Lambert and Michelle Chamuel share Christmas selfie

Good morning! I hope you had an amazing holiday.

Do butch women have cisgender privilege? I know, it’s Friday and the day after Christmas, and I’m starting in on you with some heavy shit.

Here’s what it looks like when Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner spend the night together.

And this is how adorable it is when real life couple Mary Lambert and Michelle Chamuel spend the holiday together!


The Advocate puts together a list of LGBT people on magazine covers this year.

Patricia Cornwell said she lost some readers after creating her lesbian character, Lucy. She was asked about it in a recent interview, and here’s what she had to say:

“Twenty years ago, I did hear rumours of people who said they were never going to read my books again. But the other side of that is, you may get new people who weren’t your fans before. And that’s why I feel it’s a big mistake for writers to shy away if something might offend people.”

Patricia also says that the Scarpetta film adaptation has been in script development for five years and that Angelina Jolie was attached in 2009, but it’s hard to say if she will still play the role or not.

Apparently lesbians make more money than heterosexual women but “both gay men and lesbians tend to be less satisfied with their jobs than their heterosexual counterparts.”

We told you about ButchBaby & Co. last week, but Bustle is also taking note of the androgynous maternity line.

Looking for something new to marathon this weekend? Saffron Burrows stars in Amazon’s new drama Mozart in the Jungle available now.


The LGBT community of Uganda is launching its own magazine, called Bombastic. It’s free and the publishers want everyone in the country to pick up an issue to learn more about them.

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