VICE’s “Gay Conversion Therapy” features the National Center for Lesbian Rights’ #BornPerfect Campaign

VICE has a new three-part series looking into the tragic world of Gay Conversion Therapy. Luckily they also speak with detractors from the movement, including those who used to be faces of ex-gay organizations, and visit the recent Gay Christian Network conference where they speak with National Center for Lesbian RightsSamantha Ames. The NCLR is behind the #BornPerfect campaign, which aims to make conversion therapy illegal.

While most of the people featured in the series are homosexual men, women are also a part of the ex-gay community. Some of the most powerful voices include self-professed ex-lesbians Janet Boynes, Jackie Hill-Perry, and Charlene Cothran. Toward the end of the third segment, two gay women talk about the damage conversion therapy has done to them.