Lindsay Lohan poses for Fornarina

Let’s play a game. Stare at this picture for 90 seconds:

Now close your eyes and quickly tell me what Lindsay Lohan was wearing. Do you even remember? Did the clothes stand out? Or were you too busy looking at her face?

It’s not your fault. Ms. Lohan is looking mighty fierce in the new advertisements for Italian boutique, Fornarina. In several ads, she strikes poses with flirty and coy looks on her tan and freckle-tinged face, and utilizes the rest of her assets to attempt to sell jeans, dresses and whatever else she happens to have thrown on her. (Sorry, still not paying attention.)

When they first signed Lohan to be the new face of their Spring/Summer line, managing director Scott Ronaldson made a statement:

Lindsay is that very self-confident, dynamic woman, she’s got a lot of attitude. That’s what we’re hoping our customer will aspire to.

Attitude, she’s certainly got. Check out that popped hip!

Are you buying what she’s selling?

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