Styled Out: L.A. women

So in case you haven’t heard, it’s February. This is right about the time of year I start fantasizing about lighting one of my down parkas on fire because I’m so sick of it taking so long to get ready and out of the house in the morning. Instead of sitting here whining about it, it’s best to “make lemonade” and just think about hot chicks in jackets. Maybe even jackets and anything that might qualify as “winter wear,” if you will, since some of our most beloved celesbians reside in sunny situations.

California dweller Clea Duvall, for one. I literally fell in love with her at age 17 when I didn’t even realize what a homo I was. My girlfriend shares many of her features so it’s no surprise to me that my attraction will live on till the day I die. Like, till-death-do-us-part style. She could totally wear that jacket if she came to visit the Midwest.

I know I dogged on Jackie Warner pretty hard last week, and I’m not really even sorry to say that this week is no different. It was hard enough to find a photo of that woman with much more on than a sports bra, so I have limited good material.

Her stylist or whoever is directing her fashion choices needs to be fired immediately. Hello, 1994, let me introduce you to Jackie. Wait, you’re obviously quite familiar with one another.

I heart Katherine Moennig, and what I love most about her is that when she’s off camera, she’s not “looking very Shane” today at all. I could really do without the jeans, but other than that it’s like another wet dream. I’m getting toasty just thinking about her walking that dog, looking all mysterious. Sigh.

Behold, Bette Porter. I know that Jennifer Beals is strictly an on-screen lez but she’s our classic-slash-classy representation. You know I think she’s already when it comes to her power suits, but she spends her time in New Mexico when she’s not shooting The L.

The bad news is that the groundhog saw his shadow, so you’ll definitely be bundling up for at least six more weeks. The good news is that pretty much every retailer is trying to unload what’s now their “last season” cold-weather outerwear, and you can grab most anything for a ridiculously low price. Pop into your favorite store and check it out and I think you’ll be most pleasantly surprised.