Styled Out: Underwear you want to share

Mmm, panties, right? I feel like now is about the time when folks are trying to get out of a panty rut, and not just ’cuz Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but because spring is truly in the air and if you’re planning on sacking someone new, you best be taking your butt shopping.

I have a curvaceous booty with a smaller waist, so the brand that suits me best is Aerie by American Eagle. I know, I know, the name may bring to mind certain frat-boy memories that you may like to forget — and admittedly I did make this discovery during my college days — but it’s for real, trust me. They have the perfect balance of cute and stretch all in one, framing your goods in their very best light. They also always have the “5 for 25” deal that old Victoria’s Secret is famous for, without all that branding all over it. I rather appreciate the little Aerie birdie in the upper left-hand corner of my panties.

Urban Outfitters; who knew? They’re always a definite place to scan the sale rack for skinny jeans and the ultimate button-up, and their underpants are as hip as the rest of their threads. Not quite as good of a deal at three pairs for $18, but even in these economic times a pair of unicorn undies might be worth springing for.

My girlfriend pretty much only wears American Apparel in the way of her undergarments, so she was a great source since I check them every morning and every night. They most definitely look better on the floor (duh), but I have to say, they wear well. Very well, actually, and these are great for those who dress a bit more androgynously. They have straight-up boy cut for girls with a phony phallic pouch and everything.

If you’re really trying to impress the pants off of someone (quite literally) you should definitely reach for a classic. Calvin Klein makes super comfortable and wildly sexy panties. Beyond the back-end, his bras are pretty awesome, too. They have so many options that don’t require you to wear an underwire, which is sometimes hard to come across. They last the test of time, too, making it worth the bucks you’ll certainly throw down for these duds.

Will you be sporting sexy new undies for your sweetie?