Five Easy & Cheap Last Minute Halloween Couples Costumes

Gal Pals


Wanna annoy some straight girls while challenging heteronormativity? Of course you do, it’s marvelous fun. Gal Pals are the most basic of bitches, the Uggs of humanity, the most boring girl you are friends with on Facebook. Bestie Beezies who are “In A Relationship” on Facebook to adorably let boys know they are single but cool with it because they have super fun friends. Basic straight girl gal pals like Starbucks, kissing each other in selfies, sunsets, and every trend they hear. The world is your tedious oyster for Gal Pal Halloween Costume inspiration.

Gal Pal 1: Denim mini skirt, bedazzled flip flops, personalized Starbucks cups, rhinestone earrings, enormous statement necklace, enormous sunglasses, curled extension, french manicure, layered tank tops, fake tan, duck face.

Gal Pal 2: Like what Gal Pal 1 is wearing but slightly different, maybe add a cardigan and tramp stamp.

Ideal for: Bois and Butches. You know that would be hysterical. Please do it and send me pictures.


The Boi/Femme Swap


This is a stupendously simple Halloween costume concept. If you and your girlfriend have distinctly different gender expressions, the boi/femme swap is just switching clothes. I’d suggest letting your girlfriend pick an outfit for you among her clothing, but if you want to assemble your own boi/femme ensemble, go to town. Many modern lesbian couples, including the couple I am half of, are less dichotomized. I wear a lot of shorts because I am from Florida and rarely feel cold. She prefers denim and T-shirts in neutral colors. Occasionally we will both wear dresses. People—usually queers who take a lot of selfies—talk a lot about playing with gender, but I dress based on what is clean. Gender play sounds too thought intensive.

Femme: Dress ultra androgynously.

Boi: Channel your inner Kardashian and slither into a figure hugging bodycon dress. I dare you to walk in heels.

Ideal for: Lazy couples.