The women of “Lesbian Vampire Killers”

This week, Lesbian Vampire Killers debuts in America a the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas. The comedic horror film has been receiving a lot of buzz, as its male stars are UK television stars, and also because of the women featured in the film.

Total Film Magazine recently profiled the women who play the lesbian vampire killers, asking them their favorite vampire movies (besides the one they’re in, of course) and the making of the film.

Let’s meet them:

Louise Dylan as Anke

Favorite vampire film: From Dusk Till Dawn

On her character: “She’s one of four Swedish tourists, we’ve all been studying myths and legends in Stockholm and we’ve come over to investigate vampires in our VW. So, we’re basically fun-loving Swedish students looking for a good time.”

Silvia Colloca as Carmilla

Favorite vampire film: Van Helsing

On her character: “I am the leader of the pack I am the lesbian vampire queen. Top of the rank, I get all my girls to do their dirty deeds. I’ve been separated from my long lost love for one century too many, so when I’m resurrected I’m very keen to get back to her, and to get back at the people who have separated us.”

Ashley Mulheron as Trudi

Favorite vampire film: Shaun of the Dead

On her character: “She’s a modern-day stoner, so I am stoned a lot – but not for real (laughs). My character is stoned a lot! She’s a bit wild, she’s a bit of a party animal.”

The other two girls have yet to be profiled, but are still worth a look.

Lucy Gaskell

Emer Kenny as Rebecca

I’m guessing their favorite vampire film is probably Vampyros Lesbos. I mean, someone’s has to be.

Do any of these women make you interested in seeing Lesbian Vampire Killers?