Rachel Maddow disavows dyke-stache and other stereotypes (again)

I suppose part of the price of fame is enduring the absurdity of lame interviews (and other stories written about you and your appearance). But when a great interviewer is interviewed, I expect the questioner to do his homework at the very least. Especially when the subject is one as intelligent and articulate as Rachel Maddow.

But Vanity Fair’s George Wayne apparently doesn’t agree. His Q&A for the April 2009 issue is so weird that I hardly know how to react — apart from abject horror, I mean. Here are some of the most delightful excerpts, complete with pretend screenshots, since the interview wasn’t videotaped.

GW: Now here you are, the most famous television dyke, well, since Dinah Shore!

RM: Ellen and Rosie are more famous.

BTW, Wayne is openly gay, so I don’t think his use of the word “dyke” is mean-spirited — just a bit vapid.

GW: Anyway, Miss “Cable Queen” as Vogue calls you, do you suffer from any paraphilia?

RM: Paraphilia?

GW: Listen to this saucy pendant. Paraphilia is having a rare erotic fetish. Perhaps you may indulge in eproctophilia?

RM: Duh?

GW: Darling! Eproctophiliacs are those sexually turned on by farts and farting!

RW: That word actually exists?

Could it get worse? Oh yes. Here’s how the interview ended.

GW: By the way, before your Peacock Network makeover, didn’t you have a dyke-stache?

RM: A what?

GW: Facial hair over your lip — a dyke-stache.

RM: I never had any facial hair in my life.

Pardon me, Mr. Wayne, but WTF?

If you care to read the whole interview, let me warn you that the quotes are even more ridiculous in context. You’d be much happier just rereading this Mother Jones article or Maddow’s interview with Lesley Stahl that StuntDouble told us about in January.

Or better yet, let’s just join Rachel in putting aside the irritation of yet another insipid George W.

What is your reaction to George Wayne’s interview in Vanity Fair?