‘Leztastic’ publicity stunts you may want to forget

These days, it’s getting difficult to decipher real celebrity lives from celebrity publicity stunts. Are they having a slew of babies because they like babies or because Brangelina did? Wait, she married him? I suppose we will never know what the intentions of celebrities may be, until they turn 35 and publish a steamy, tell-all memoir.

Valerie Bertinelli: She kissed a girl and made a press tour out of it

With such a long history of stunts by celebs, it’s hard to remember them all. Fortunately for us, The Frisky compiled a handy list of “Seven Leztastic Publicity Stunts” to help us remember.

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who thought the Desperate Housewives kiss Sunday night was a desperate plea for more viewers: It made the top of the site’s list. We can’t blame the actresses for the writing, but we can accuse the show’s creators of a very obvious publicity stunt. The results: Epic Fail. Everyone saw right through it and nobody thought it was all that hot.

Second on the list are our favorite celesbians to talk about: Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson. Publicity stunt? We don’t think so, but you be the judge. Some like to think the two have big, public brawls followed by steamy sex behind closed doors. Will Linds ditch Sam and go back to men? Will Sam tire of Lindsay’s drama and seek out a hot, AfterEllen.com-reading dyke? The results are unknown, but if this is a stunt, we’re totally into it.

The list brings Katy Perry in at No. 3, and rightfully so. The very straight, former Christian singer’s song has become a faux-lesbian anthem, played while straight coeds make out in front of guys from coast to coast. I will not mention the song’s name, because we all know what it is. The results: Success. The tune catapulted Katy into the mainstream and had every media outlet feverishly discussing the “meaning” of her song. That said, I’m done talking about it.

Britney Spears kissing Madonna at the 2003 VMAs might just be “the” publicity stunt of the decade, aside from Janet Jackson’s boob mishap at the Super Bowl. Then again, between Britney and Madonna, were any of us really surprised? The kiss came in at No. 4 on the Leztastic list.

More TV moments make up the fourth and fifth spot, with the Winona Ryder and Jennifer Aniston kiss on Friends (yawn) and the first Willow and Tara sex scene on Buffy in 2000. We actually cared about Willow and Tara — this spot should be swapped with one of the lame lesbian TV kisses we mentioned yesterday.

Last but not least on The Frisky’s list: Anne Heche and Ellen. I fondly remember my grandmother ranting when the two got together: “I don’t know what Ellen is doing with that Anne Heche. She seems like a sneaky bitch.” While Heche’s “sneaky bitch” traits have not been confirmed, when the two split in 2000, Anne went back to the boys, and Ellen scored Portia. Upgrade. Publicity stunt? Perhaps. Anne was basically unknown before Ellen, and I haven’t heard much about her since.

There are a few others that The Frisky missed: Anyone recall t.A.T.u.?

Or Tila Tequila in general?

What about Lily Allen’s lesbian twin experience?

We are sure you can think of more.