Same-sex couples can now play the game of “Life”

The online version of the popular Hasbro board game The Game of Life now offers players a chance to opt for same-sex families.

This actually symbolizes a great turning point and victory in the gay rights movement. But, Julia, you say, it’s a board game for children! (And sometimes, drunken adults.) And to that I reply, precisely! Board games, fables, cartoons are how we as a society introduce children to our rules, morals and social norms. Ergo, two pink plastic figurines jammed into a plastic station wagon is a political statement as it shows children there is no difference between a straight couple and a gay one. Cool stuff, huh?

Also, on a personal note, I feel kind of validated. I can’t tell you how many times I was made fun of for putting two girls in the front of the wagon. But I insisted that this was the game of life, and I was simply reflecting mine. It’s nice to know that Hasbro feels the same way. I just hope they don’t use that same logic and make an extra-large wagon for the octo-mom.