announces Lesbian Kindle

Seattle, WA — In the wake of’s recent disastrous "glitch" which resulted in thousands of gay and lesbian books and authors being stripped of their sales rankings and removed from search results, the online retailer has announced they’re launching new versions of the Kindle for LGBT customers, "to show our gay and lesbian customers we truly have our ham-handed fist on the pulse of gay America," said spokesperson Drew Herdener.

The Lesbian Kindle will debut later this year, but was able to get a sneak peak at the product:

There will be some new enhancements to the Lesbian Kindle, as well, including an optional chain for belt attachment, and a built-in filter that screens out all books written by men. will also be debuting a limited collection of fashionable Kindle covers designed specifically for the Lesbian Kindle.

The White Tank Top Cover

The Flannel Cover

The Leather-Bound L Word Cover

See the Gay Kindle for men here.

Asked if is planning to ever actually apologize to their gay and lesbian customers for the "glitch," Herdener said brightly, "no, but we donated to the Yes on Prop. 8 campaign!"

EDITOR’S UPDATE: After we published this piece, Herdener contacted us to clarify that the company actually intended to donate to the No on Prop 8. campaign, but there was "a glitch in our information flow that misdirected our funds to the opposing side." No further explanation or apology is expected.

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