TV Alert: Jennifer Beals on “Lie to Me”

About a month ago‘s Michael Ausiello posted the saddest sentence ever written: “It appears Jennifer Beals‘ lesbian phase has come to an end.”

What followed, though, was good news for every gay’s favorite TV girlfriend. Beals signed a multi-episode deal with Fox’s fledgling hit Lie to Me. The first of her episodes airs tonight.

Beals plays Zoe Landau, assistant U.S. Attorney, ex-wife of human lie detector Dr. Cal Lightman and mother to their teenage daughter. She comes to Cal for some help on an arson case, only to find that she and her ex have unresolved feelings for one another. (Sounds kind of familiar, minus the arson.)

Now, tell the truth: when you look at that picture, do you want to shout at Cal to get his flithy hands off her? No? Just me? Fine, I guess my imagination is fragile.

Beals has been out representing our community ever since The L Word‘s final episode aired, first at the GLAAD Awards and then at the Times Talks series with Ilene Chaiken. She even said she’d be game to reprise her role as Bette Porter if an L Word movie ever got a green light. (After she squashed the darkness out of Chaiken, she “joked.”)

It will be good to see Jennifer Beals back on my TV, and she must be channeling at least a little bit of ol’ Bette Porter. Check out the suit/hand on hip.

Lie to Me airs tonight on Fox. Will you be watching?