Styled Out: Dying your ‘do

Hair color, otherwise affectionately known in the salon world as plain old “color,” is a fashion statement of its own. Color can easily be outdated, look cheap or faded. Everyone and their mama is doin’ it even if it’s just a highlight or panel or two to jazz things up.

Ani DiFranco was famous for her outrageous and vibrant choices back in the day and it’s a trend that hasn’t quite faded, especially amongst “baby dykes.” I feel like having bright green hair, possibly even shaving your head and keeping a technicolor bang for any period of time is kind of a lesbian right of passage. I seriously know very few lesbians who never tried on some Manic Panic at some point in their youth.

This period can extend to the college years, mind you. This is not limited to the tweens and teens of lesbian land and I for one think it can still look pretty awesome. Just please steer clear of the red-on-blonde combo — you’ll look like a total candy cane.

Samantha Ronson changes the hue of her ‘do relatively frequently. If you don’t want to damage the hell out of your hair and you’re constantly lightening or darkening it, definitely keep it short like Samantha.

This will keep your ends from looking fried. I guess you could always get extensions like S.R.’s ex, but that look isn’t for everyone. I think Sam looks best as a white blonde with dark roots. Something about it is so very Madonna, but you know, when she was cool. I’m all about 1988 revisited in a tasteful way.

Angelina Jolie, everyone’s favorite sometimes bisexual actress is also famous for changing her hair color as often as she (used to) change husbands. I happen to like Jolie as a brunette — not too dark of a raven but the darker shades really make her eyes pop.

When people have lighter eyes the natural inclination is to make them lighter but with Jolie’s skin tone, brown is truly her signature color. Who says blondes have more fun? Jolie pretty much showed up Aniston in that regard — just sayin’.

Are chemicals one of your favorite accessories?

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