Styled Out: Sandal wars

Last week marked an incredibly important milestone on the path for true warm weather (drum roll please): I wore sandals to brunch.

I know, I know, it may not seem that impressive to you but that usually signals the end of my legs being bound in tights every time I step out of the house.

Sandals are yet another area of fashion chock full of faux pas, with hordes of horrifying options. Sometimes I can’t even believe people actually paid money for the stuff they’re wearing. Even stars like Lindsay Lohan (they’re just like US!) can be at fault. Here she is sporting last season’s “Gladiator” style:

Now, there are many things wrong going on in that photograph but the sandals are they the icing on that bag-lady type outfit. This season, they’re trying to hang on, and stores like Target and K-Mart are trying to live out the legacy “fashionably late,” so just proceed with caution.

I shamelessly love flip-flops and know very few lady lovin’ ladies who don’t. They are the easiest things to throw on and it’s really hard to go wrong with these kicks. They come in every color of the rainbow (a plus for Pride) and are so affordable, everyone can have a few pairs to wear all summer long.

I love going to Old Navy for certain basics, and this is one of them. I’m never at a loss for variety, size or shade at ON, and everything is under $30, which means I can get a few pairs. Beware their version of Gladiator as well.

My favorite and reasonably priced find so far has been the Hurricane Sandal by Ecote. These are easily found at Urban Outfitters and online. Fabulously classic and wonderfully androgynous, these babies come in colors like purple, tan, orange and gold.

I think that this style could be easily dressed up with some linen or easily dressed down with denim shorts and a T-shirt. For under $40, these sandals are a great investment for everything you end up doing in the lazy days of summer.

One last bit of advice before you go wild running up your credit card with all kinds of warm weather wears: Get a pedicure! Butch, femme, trans, andro — they can put on clear polish if you prefer, but take care of those tootsies. It’s not strictly an issue of being well groomed; it’s for your overall health.

Will your toes be showing this season?