Kim Stolz is asking you to just dance

While not performing duties as an MTV News correspondent, lesbian TV personality Kim Stolz has been keeping busy writing pieces for The Huffington Post, becoming a talking head on Fox’s Strategy Room, and now, using her celebrity to get people on the dance floor.

Stolz is part of Bpeace’s DanceGiving fundraiser this month, which raises awareness and funds for female entrepreneurs in countries emerging from war, such as Rwanda and Afghanistan. The event will be held on May 12 in NYC, where there will be performances and dance lessons in all kinds of musical genres.

And even though the press release says “One need not dance to attend and enjoy,” I’d advise you to re-watch the danceathon episode from the last season of The L Word and remember how much fun they were having when not dancing.

Yeah, that’s right — none.

Will you be asking Kim Stolz for a slow dance?