“Gossip Girl” targets fans with a new clothing line

Every generation has its iconic fashion accessory. For my grandma, it was elastic-waisted pantyhose; for my mom it was bell-bottoms; for me it was Hypercolor. You know what I’m talking about, right? Those t-shirts that changed color with your body heat? Mine went from purple to pink until my mom accidentally washed it in boiling water, leaving it perpetually pink-ish. I’m not sure what the iconic accessory of the ’90s to early ’00s was, because I was already a LIT (Lesbian In Training) by then, wearing Chuck Taylors and T-shirts even to church.

Anyway, it would be impossible to watch two seasons-worth of Gossip Girl and remain a complete fashion neophyte, so what I know about the most important accessory of the current generation is this: Blair Waldorf’s Power Headband.

The Waldorf Power Headband is the source of Blair’s majesty, the impetus for her zippiest zingers, most sensuous seductions and perverse plots. It gives her the strength to rule the UES, and the fortitude to watch it burn.

The point is that you no longer have to covet Blair’s power. Entertainment Tonight is reporting that Anna Sui is going to bring the styles of Serena van der Woodsen, Jenny Humphrey and Blair Waldorf to Target this fall. The line will run from September to October (just in time for back-to-school!), and be available in 250 Target Stores.

What can we expect to see in addition to the Waldorf Power Headband? If I were going to hazard a guess, I’d say a series of hats inspired by the Titanic:

Evening wear that looks best with bed-head:

And, of course, school uniforms:

The keen observer will read this post and say: but StuntDouble, isn’t Darota the source of Blair Waldorf’s power? Yes, that is correct. I believe Blair’s headbands are infused with the power of Darota. And no, I don’t think Anna Sui will be able to replicate that feature.

The only question that remains is: will you buy clothes from the Gossip Girl-inspired line? Of course you will; all the cool kids are doing it.