Lesbian Scientistics: Mother’s Day Edition

This week AOL’s Parent Dish asked readers to vote in a Mother’s Day poll, answering questions like “Which television mom reminds you most of your own mother?” (Claire Huxtable) and “Who is the worst celebrity mom?” (Dina Lohan).

Parent Dish also asked moms which celebrities they would feel most comfortable leaving their own kids with. The answer? The Gays. Yep, topping the list of most awesome celebrity baby-sitters are Ellen and Portia.

(I don’t think I’ve seen Oprah at the bottom of any poll ever. And Jen Aniston over Brangelina? Burn!)

Readers also voted on which celebrities they think make the best moms. (According, I’m assuming, to the paparazzi photos of these people in the park with their children.)

It’s been a while since we did any Lesbian Scientistics research here, so last night I conducted my own survey. If you were a kid, which fictional lesbians/bisexuals and actual lesbians/bisexuals would you want for a mom?

The fictional debate got heated, with some people insisting Bette and Tina would give a child every opportunity for success, and others arguing that Bette and Tina would leave a kid at the grocery store and forget she ever existed.

The actual lesbian debate was pretty calm, except for the part where we role played Suze Orman as a mother, shouting “DENIED!” every time someone asked for a cookie.

You can view the full results of the Parent Dish Mother’s Day poll at their site.

Now tell us: Which fictional and actual lesbians/bisexuals would you like to have for a mom?