Cybill Shepherd couldn’t be more “proud and happy” for Clementine

Cybill Shepherd rocks.

Sure, we have straight allies everywhere these days, now that being a Friend O’ The Gays is trendy. But Shepherd has been front and center, speaking out for gay and lesbian rights for over a decade. So, I was thrilled to see, thanks to a tip from reader Christine, that she received the National Ally for Equality award at the HRC Atlanta Dinner last week.

Cybill was entertaining, as always, with funny stories about her time on The L Word and thoughtful reflections on her experiences as a human rights activist and recent progress toward LGBT equality. And, of course, she mentioned daughter Clementine Ford’s coming out, saying, “I couldn’t be more proud and more happy.”

Here’s the speech, in its entirety.

More good news for Cybill Shepherd fans: Lifetime recently started airing the hilarious sitcom, Cybill, every day at 8 a.m. and 2 a.m. ET. Trust me — it’s well worth the room on your DVR.

Parade reported this week that the full series finally will see release on DVD in the near future, too.

I can’t wait.