Styled Out: Samantha Ronson, fashion icon

Oh, Samantha: how we love thee, through all of this public heartache. Lindsay seems to be getting all of the sympathy and attention during these trials of the heart, even if most of it seems to be negative, the reality is that our little red-headed team member still getting the spotlight. The best medicine for feeling down and out is a bit of a self-esteem boost, so Samantha, here it is: Way to be a fashion icon. I’m hollering at you.

When I saw Ronson performing in Chicago last week, I was not surprised to see that she was looking like her usual hot self, wearing worn-in jeans, sneakers and a vintage Guns N’ Roses tee. She’s looking a little thinner these days, but with good reason. At least her clothes hang off of her in that supermodel sort of way, which can be sexy. Ronson has always been able to take the gritty and make it fab. (Don’t read into that too much.)

Photo by Katie Barr

Samantha is single-handedly responsible for bringing back the fedora from the vault that Joey McIntyre put it in back in ’94. She’s not been wearing the now famous hat as often these days but it’s still going strong as a staple accessory, especially amongst club kids. It’s a classic look and when incorporated correctly, it’s less Salt-n-Peppa and more her own brand of awesome.

Sam has made it ok to wear a completely distressed T-shirt an acceptable shirt to go to the club in and convinced me that technicolor sneakers with a button down are the epitome of swank and that I should encourage this look at every opportunity.

It’s obvious that Samantha’s inherit gift of being stylish is all “relative.” Twin sister Charlotte Ronson was actually launching her new line when Lohan made a surprise appearance at the party. Charlotte has stated that both sisters, Samantha and Anabelle are her muses and inspirations in her designs. She even named her line for Urban Outfitters Play in tribute to a mix tape that Sam had given her.

In my fantasy world, Samantha will re-invent herself and gain her footing again after the world’s biggest lesbo break-up by joining forces with her sister Charlotte and Nicole Richie, land the cover of Blackbook, get an even hotter girlfriend, and become some sort of lesbian Casanova who makes Shane look wildly lame. She deserves that comeback.

Ronson’s style — hot or not?