“Guiding Light” mini-cap 5/15: Under pressure

Still at the Disney Spa, Liv and Emma return from their manicure. Of course, “The Wanderer” wants to show off her nails to her new-found friend. Emma says she’s got people skills; it’s a euphemism for con artist.

Natalia spoke with Rafe. Olivia inquires about how much she told him. Not much, but when they get back she will tell him everything — or as much as she understands about everything. Still? Maybe Emma should put together another PowerPoint. Natalia laments the fact they have to go back home. Olivia wonders what they are going back to.

Olivia hands Nat a book, The World’s Top Spa Resorts, and says they can go from spa to spa checking them all out. By the time they get back Emma will be all grown up and more understanding and everyone they would have to answer to in Springfield would be dead. It’s getting closer to September, you may not have to wait that long.

Nat says they can’t just hide away forever. They love each other for who they are and the people in their lives. For the first time since the wedding, the L-word. Progress! Nat says she loves Liv because of the way she is with Emma, and she is a powerful executive at work. Work? When does she work? Olivia loves Natalia because she is so nurturing and decisive. So they will travel home, but not in reverse gear, only forward. More phalanges fornication as Natalia takes hold of Liv’s beautifully manicured fingers, a little too much “together” as Liv manages a barely audible, “Beautiful Dreams — the color of the polish.” Olivia is feeling the friendship.

Olivia says things will be different when they get back. People are going to talk, but who’s really going to care — except for the people Liv blabbed to, the family Nat left at the altar, the people at work, Emma, Emma’s friends and their parents, Ms. Jennings, the Spauldings, and Rafe. I think that’s pretty much Springfield.

Olivia says they should have rehearsed a prepared statement for the return, but honestly, haven’t they practiced all along? Cue prompter: “We haven’t figured all of it out yet, one thing we do know, we’ll always be friends.”

Ava calls from San Francisco. She is stressed out because she is moving to a bigger house in the city. Ah, poor thing. Olivia feels she needs to help her. Before the little grifter gets any wild ideas, Liv says Emma can’t go and asks Nat if she can stay with her. Nat runs fast, so she can probably keep up with the kid’s propensity to travel. Olivia says she will be thinking of Nat and Emma and wishing she was with them at the farmhouse. Nat says their lives are intertwined in the best possible way. Well, at this point, maybe the second best.

Back at the farmhouse, Emma pulls her charm on Natalia and tries to get Nat to bake her cookies for dinner. She is definitely the apple from Olivia’s tree. Nat says Olivia will yell if she lets Emma slack off. The little shyster says but you are my mommy, too, and what you say counts. Emma complains that Olivia doesn’t listen to music at the hotel like she did at the farmhouse. Liv is listening to Rachel Maddow now.

Nat says she listened to the news at the farmhouse, too. Emma says she wants both, not music and MSNBC, but her two mommies. She wants to move back. Nat says it is something her mommy and she have to work out. Emma keeps the pressure on a weakening Natalia. She is her mother’s child.

Natalia is at the one and only mini-mart in Springfield. She runs into Buzz, who says, “You shopping?” It’s those world renowned Copper detective skills at work.

Nat goes guilt mode and apologizes for the scamper from the nuptials. She never intended to hurt Frank; Frank is a good person. Echo. Buzz wants her to give Frank another chance. He says she committed to Frank; she committed to the family; she committed to him. Good thing she sprinted from that imminent espousal. That’s a hell of a lot of people to sleep with.

Buzz begins to get agitated and chastises Nat for struggling with her heart down the aisle, and then following her heart back out the door. Nat, here are those life consequences. Take a good look. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Doris crashes Frank’s pity party and apologizes. She says she owes him one. He asks Doris to intervene and get Rafe a new trial. With forbearance, Doris says, “You’re a good man Frank.” Oy vey! He’s a good man. If I have to hear this one more time! Nat left him at the altar; Lucy didn’t pull the football out from under him!

Doris knocks at the farmhouse door, “Can Liv come out and play?” Nat says that Olivia is off the farm. Natalia is visibly under the influence from getting Buzzed. Nat confides the details of the spa get-away, they had a good time, they talked…it was nice. Doris says she understands being in your own insulated bubble and then that cloistered illusion bursts as reality bites right through it. Doris says, “I hate to tell you this, but it’s all part of coming out.” Is this foreshadowing a Doris back-story, or is she just quoting Lifetime TV?

Natalia is taken aback and tells Doris, “I don’t know what you think I am.” Doris counters, “What do you think you are?”


After the pregnant pause, Doris tells Nat Rafe is getting a new hearing. She owed Frank a favor and he cashed it in on the woman who dumped him. The meter just ran out on Doris’ weekly allotment of empathy.

Natalia is on the phone. She is unsettled, saying, “Olivia, it’s really kind of hard here. I want you to come home.” And that sound you hear is a bubble bursting.

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