Samantha Ronson speaks out against hate crimes

Samantha Ronson doesn’t usually get too political, but this week she took to her MySpace blog to address a disturbing rash of hate crimes against gays in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood in recent months.

Following Ronson’s gig at a Seattle venue last Friday, a woman was brutally attacked for being gay, according to the DJ’s MySpace blog. Pictures of the victim are circulating online, and while cops haven’t confirmed the hate crime, it did not stop Ronson from spreading the word:

NO ONE should have to suffer any sort of attack, verbal or physical, for any reason. there are no excuses for violence — people say “well they’re just ignorant or uneducated” — so what??? i don’t know how to speak chinese, i haven’t studied hinduism, i’ve never been to brazil, that doesn’t mean that i feel that it’s ok for me to hate what i don’t understand, least of all resort to violence when challenged.

Ronson found out about the attack after seeing a photo of the badly bruised woman online, and others on the scene also said the woman was attacked because of her sexuality. Seattle police won’t confirm a hate crime, saying the incident stemmed from a fight with bouncers.

In any sense, the attack comes at a strange time for the Seattle neighborhood, which reported at least four hate crime incidents against the LGBT community in recent months.

I’m glad Ronson blogged about the incident, since the issue barely made the local papers before she mentioned it. Like us, Ronson can’t believe, in 2009, that such discrimination continues.

…why are we still fighting each other? the whole world is a damn mess and we’re too busy hating to come together and change it. President Obama ran a campaign based on hope- not hope for any group of people in particular- hope for everyone. His message was embraced worldwide, so why can’t we, here in the US, fight together instead of with one another? I’m not saying that everyone has to love everyone individually, i’m no hippie, but seriously people, no one should ever resort to violence. What if your sister, mother, brother or father were being pummeled for wearing a red sweater? would you stand by and do nothing? well, we are all someone’s child, sibling, or friend! Open your eyes!

Hopefully, whoever committed this crime — and any other hate crime — will be brought to justice, and that Ronson will continue to speak out.