reader of the week: Erin

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Erin, from New Jersey

1.) When and where have you met a celebrity?
It was about two or three years ago, I attended an Aqualung concert with a friend of mine. Sara Bareilles opened for them and after the show we had an awesome conversation with her for about 20 minutes. She was so sweet and so excited that we wanted to meet her. This was before she got really big. I think it’s so cool now that I can look back on that and say I met her before her leap of fame

Sara Bareilles

2.) What cd is in heavy rotation for you right now?
Right now I’ve had Meg & Dia‘s new cd here, here, and here on heavy shuffle on my iPod for about a week since I bought and uploaded the cd. They are absolutely beautiful and their voices are amazing. I think what draws me to them most is their incredibly unique voices. My sister and I have agreed that there vocal talents have improved greatly since their last cd. I recommend checking them out, SERIOUSLY!

3.) If we hacked into your DVR, what would we find?
Ha ha ha! I laugh at this because my friends think it’s funny the wide variety of shows I watch. You would find about every Grey’s Anatomy episode from this season. Izzie, I love you, don’t die!

Katherine Heigl in Grey’s Anatomy

A few episodes of Plant Earth. My friends think I am so weird for watching this but I cant get enough of it. The time and patience those men put towards making this show is phenomenal! Every shot they took was the perfect shot. I’m in love!

And you will find just about everything from the E! channel. Chelsea Handler has my heart! I saw her do stand up in March and I laughed from beginning to end historically! And I love just about every CSI show, and any medical shows like Dr. G Medical Examiner. She’s is a brilliant women! I’ve learned so much from watching her show.

4.) What movie star does your pet most resemble?
Funny you ask this because my cat is named after a "cat movie star." Cheesy I know! We named our cat Binx after Zachary Binx from the movie Hocus Pocus. Its always been one of my favorite movies since a kid and I loved the name Binx. It actually fits him perfectly because his personality is just like Binx in the movie. Looks nothing like him though.

5) When did you start reading AE, or what’s your favorite AE feature?
I think my profile says around 22 weeks ago. I’m not sure how I came across the site but I’m really glad I did. It’s given me a little escape to a world I don’t have in real life. I’m still working on coming out, so I don’t have many people to turn to or share interests with. So this has given me the freedom to express what I need and get advice when needed.

Id have to say my favorite feature would be the Cherry Bomb vlogs. I cant get over how beautiful and intelligent those women are! Even though some of the topics don’t relate to me, I still find myself drawn to everything they have to say and I take it all in for my future. No matter what age, sex, race, religion, orientation or whatever you are, these women have something to offer for everyone and I am grateful for that. I hope I can meet them one day and join in on one of those heartfelt conversions. They are amazing.

Thanks for sharing, Erin!

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4) What cd is in heavy rotation for you right now?
5) If we hacked into your DVR, what would we find?
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