What will the real Tina Fey Tweet?

True story: I joined Twitter to follow Tina Fey. In January I had read that she was on Twitter and in my haste to worship at the alter of Fey-minism, I didn’t get around to checking out whether Tina was really Tina. Alas, she was not. Instead it was just some Big Mac-loving huckster who Tina herself acknowledged was fairly funny, but totally fake. Gullibility, 1. Ms. Snarker, 0.

So imagine my elation now that it seems the real Tina has reclaimed her account, @tinafey. Granted, she hasn’t posted a single tweet yet. I realize my excitement about someone who has yet to use even one of her 140 characters may seem premature. But now you see the levels of my obsession devotion.

So, what will Tina tweet? I would love it if she joined the chorus of celebrities criticizing the California court’s recent upholding of Prop. 8. Baring that she could always go with one of her 30 Rock-spawned catchphrases: “I want to go to there.” “That’s a dealbreaker, ladies.” “Workin’ on my night cheese.” But that would seem so oddly self-aggrandizing.

I like following celebrities who give us a glimpse into their lives and personalities. It was interesting to watch Eliza Dushku (@ElizaPatricia) tweet her trip to Africa earlier this month. She also seems prone to using the term “yo” in daily conversation. Martha Stewart (@marthastewart) likes to tell us who she had dinner with (and what she had) and apologizes for her grammatical errors. And Clementine Ford (@dirtyballerina) confesses her own tweet shyness.

Or, heck, maybe Tina should just leave it blank and see how many followers (currently 5,000+ and climbing) she can attract. The silence is rather Zen. Oh, who am I kidding? Tweet something, Tina!