The Aussie tabloids continue to target Ruby Rose

Someone needs to start arranging some Euchre nights for our loveable Aussie friends because they’re starting to get as bad as us American folk at spreading tabloid lies. This time, the subject of the slander is the very gorgeous Ruby Rose and her lucky lip-locking friend/supermodel Catherine McNeil (who happens to be easy on the eyes as well).

On May 23, some pictures were taken of Rose and McNeil kissing at an event in L.A. and the photos were leaked via an Australian tabloid’s Twitter account. Twitter strikes again! Enter The Daily Telegraph, who reported:

The agents for US-based Aussie model Catherine McNeil aren’t too happy about photographs of her smooching with Ruby Rose. And why would they be? In one shot, she has her legs wrapped around the 20-year-old Queenslander.

“Catherine’s career has taken off in the U.S. … Ruby is not the type of association her agents want at this stage. Her little fling with the Danish model Freja (Beha Erichsen) was OK because she’s another high-fashion girl.”

“But Ruby has no international credentials — she’s just an unknown media lesbian to them,” a source hissed to Confidential.

OK, first of all, any publication that says something like, “a source hissed to (insert name of publication here)” isn’t generally considered a trustworthy source. It’s been a while since I let my subscriptions run out but I can’t recall a time when The New Yorker or Time quoted somebody as hissing at them.

Secondly, if Ruby is such an “unknown media lesbian” why would anyone from the gossip rag publish a sound bite about her?

Are we living in a caste system all of a sudden? It’s OK for Catherine to make out with a high fashion model but not someone else? It’s a good thing she wasn’t caught making out with me or she’d probably be deported to the set of Deliverance.

Thirdly, these are grown women who are in charge deciding whose lips they kiss and who they want to wrap their legs around.

Ruby told the Aussie lesbian magazine Cherrie that her and Catherine are just pals:

My friend Catherine McNeil and I haven’t seen each other since both our careers took off. Now she’s a supermodel and I’m a relative unknown [in the U.S.], so it will be good for me to just relax.

Rose took to her Twitter account yesterday and addressed the agency’s comments:

The agency who was quoted in the paper have called me. They said no such thing. They didn’t even speak to a journalist. I love these ‘sources’

I find that “sources” is usually code word for “Magic 8 Ball” or “Summer Mailroom Intern.” I’m wondering how long it’s going to take for this type of tabloid fodder to be considered moot. Let the girls kiss and let’s get on with our lives.