Styled Out: Lindsay Lohan, fashion consultant?

Lo and behold (pun intended), Li-Lo is up and at ‘em again. It was reported that our naturally red-headed celesbian is taking another fashion venture — this time away from her own line. Way to clean up your life, girl.

Rumor has it Lindsay Lohan has been in talks with Paris’s House of Emanuel Ungaro about signing on as a “fashion consultant for the company.” Now, the girl had it going on with leggings, but is she really qualified to lurk in the likes of couture? Not according to the current head designer over at House of E.U. Esteban Cortazar. He’s actually threatening to leave if Lindsay is signed on. Pretty severe threats, buddy.

Emanuel Ungaro and Esteban Cortazar

Ungaro apparently thinks that Lohan is a design firecracker and could add a lot of “energy and buzz” to the company but other sources seem to think otherwise. Poor thing — just when Lindsay is getting her footing people are calling her a “nail in the coffin” should she be the hired as the newest employee of House of Emanuel Unargo. Ouch.

Just to refresh your memory, Lindsay launched her own line of leggings in late ’08 and they initially took off like a wildfire. She wasn’t selling them in J.C. Penney either, kids (like another designer I know who may or may not be Charlotte Ronson). We’re talking the racks of Nordstrom and Henri Bendel, priced as high as $132 dollars a pop.

So what exactly is up Esteban’s butt anyway? Does he think that the line will die as hard as her and Ronson did once she gets her pawn on it?

Anyway, it’s rumored that while Li-Lo’s in Europe she was planning on paying a little house visit to Sam Ro. You know, while she’s in the neighborhood or whatever.

So what do you think? Is she on the brink of making a killing or killing a company?