That was then, this is now: changes to the homepage

As you can see, we launched a new version of the homepage today. Our goal was primarily to make the homepage less cluttered so it’s easier to find the content you’re interested in, but also to update the look and feel a bit.

The content itself hasn’t changed — just how it’s displayed.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new, and what’s to come.


In the left column, you’ll find the twenty or so most recent articles, blog posts, and videos in chronological order.

In the right column, we’ve created a new featured content area called The Big Deal, where we post articles, blog posts and videos that are new and/or popular that day, or that are gems from the past that we think you’d like.

Below The Big Deal are several sections highlighting what you’re doing on the site — what you’re talking about, who’s online, who’s newly registered, etc.


We’re still working on fixing some of the glitches that inevitably occur when you implement design changes (e.g. spacing that’s off, font that needs to be slightly bigger, links that need to be underlined, etc.) and should have these fixed over the next week or two.

We’ll shortly be adding a "previous" link at the bottom of The Latest column that will allow you to page back even further through the archives and see all the content posted by date. This will help make it easier to browse and catch up on content you’ve missed. And soon we’ll be differentiating video blogs and web series from content designed for you to read, rather than watch.

We’ll also be rolling out a few other small changes over the next month or so, mostly bug fixes and layout improvements.

In the next several months, we hope to improve the type of content that’s displayed on the topic-specific tabs (e.g. TV, Movies, People etc), create a video hub to make it easier to find videos, and make some upgrades to the forum.

Thanks for your patience while we make these improvements and changes, and let us know your thoughts about the new design in the comments!