Tegan Quin takes a producer role

You may have to wait a little longer for the next album from Tegan and Sara, but I promise you, they’re being productive. In between recording their follow-up to The Con, the twins have been working on a book, and both helping out fellow friend musicians. An Horse is a product of Sara Quin’s own repping, as she is part of their A&R team.

Tegan (background) and Sara at work

So what’s Tegan been up to? Besides singing a track on ex-Sparta member Jim Ward’s new Jim Ward EP, she’s been producing the debut EP from out artist char2d2 (née Charla McCutcheon, no relation to Shane).


Tegan, working in the studio

The EP, Small Vampires, is poised to be a new favorite of anyone who likes any artist mentioned in the above two paragraphs. Char2d2 makes lo-fi indie pop with guitars, keyboards and sweet and light vocals that would have fit nicely on the soundtrack for But I’m a Cheerleader (seriously — what a great soundtrack).

It’s only six songs, but definitely worth a download once released in the upcoming months. You can hear some music on her MySpace, but my favorites (sad goodbye track “Don’t Want To” and insatiable drum-piano infused love tune about after-hours rendezvous “You Are a Small Vampire”), you’ll have to wait for.

You’ll be hearing more from char2d2 if you’re awaiting Rachael Cantu‘s new full-length as well: Charla does some backing keys and vocals on a few tracks.

I know, I know — it’s a lot of waiting. Until then, listen to The Con or Rearrange Beds for the 100th time. I’ll keep you posted on release dates for char2d2 and Rachael’s albums in the meantime.