Leisha Hailey goes to Lifetime

AfterEllen.com reader Helen tipped us off that Leisha Hailey recently appeared in the Lifetime mini-series Maneater. Based on the name, we realize most of you probably weren’t into watching it, so I did the job for you. (You’re welcome.)

Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) plays Clarissa, a spoiled Hollywood socialite who ends up pregnant and broke based on her poor life decisions and karma. She doesn’t befriend Leisha’s character Harriet until she moves into a smaller house in a humble section of Los Angeles, and Harriet lives next door.

She kind of looks like Alanis Morissette circa 1996, doesn’t she?

Hailey’s Harriet doesn’t appear until the second part of the mini-series (which aired in two parts over Memorial Day weekend and can now be watched in its entirety online), where she is seen as the doudy do-gooder by all of Clarissa’s well-to-do BFFs (played by Marla Sokoloff and Judy Greer).

OK, so Maneater sucks, but it’s always fun to watch Leisha play a character completely different than she’s played before. And going from the high class lesbian Alice to a cosmetic-free social worker with unkempt long locks, it’s entertaining to see Hailey acting as someone that’s supposed to be unattractive and straight.

I’m not too shocked Leisha was talking up this role and sending out Tweets to Uh Huh Her fans to check out the show. But I guess it’s good she’s still working, since The Farm is no longer.

Next up? I hope to see Hailey with a better haircut.