That’s What She Said: Shaved Heads, a Lesbian State, and Movies You Hate

This week we’re kicking off a new feature, That’s What She Said, which culls the most interesting, controversial or just plain amusing threads from the community forum.

The forum is the place on AE in which readers determine the both the quality and content of the conversation — which often goes beyond the realm of entertainment. The forum is not only a great source of information, it also spawns some fascinating debates; alerts AE staff and readers to upcoming events, films and TV plot developments; and creates the sense of community that many of us find lacking in our offline worlds. Sometimes it even leads to people creating new initiatives off-site (for example, what originally started as a forum discussion at AE has recently turned into an online book club for black lesbians).

So with the readers as our leaders, we’ll present in this column some of the most entertaining or interesting topics of conversation currently to be found on, and tell you why you may want to follow them.

Topic: Lesbian-Themed Asian Movies and Animes

By joan_xiii

From the Original Post:
“Somebody help me make a compilation of Asian lesbian movies (not porn, lols). So I’ll start off:”

Shinku (Japanese)
Les Filles Du Botaniste (Chinese)
Love My Life (Japanese)
Blue (Japanese)
Yubi (Japanese) this is the one with Maki Goto
Rome and Juliet (Filipino)
Peony Pavillon (Chinese)
Spider Lilies (Taiwanese)
Memento Mori (Korean) – undertones
Scarlet Letter (Korean) – undertones
Be with Me (Singapore) – fabulous screenplay!
Lady in Heat (Chinese)
Fire (Indian)
The Journey (Indian)

Memorable Responses:
“… I do believe that Dai Sijie is a genius filmmaker. I love both Les Filles Du Botaniste and Balzac et la Petite Taileuse Chinoise. Saving Face is my ultimate favorite though. I can relate to almost every little aspect therein (Wil and Vivian and director Alice Wu are hot).” (Queer Silver)

“This isn’t a movie but it’s the first Chinese drama I have ever seen where the lesbian couple doesn’t end up killing other people or each other. It’s call Placebo Cure and it’s about a psychologist who solve cases. Kinda like CSI but more toward the psychological standpoint. Anyway, it’s a good drama and the couple does have a happy ending so that’s a major plus.” (nefastus07)

Love My Life

Why You Should Follow This Thread:
We love a good list, particularly one as comprehensive as the one provided in the original post and then enhanced by all the comments that followed. Keep up with this thread to get (or share) the latest updates on this very under-represented community in pop culture.

Topic: Would You Live In a Lesbian State?

By jaded_onyx

From the Original Post:
“If a lesbian state formed would you pack up your life and move there? It would be in the US so we would have our on state constitution. You could continue your career at an all Lesbian Law Enforcement Department, a lesbian medical center, lesbian law firm, at Lesbian construction companies. Take your credits to an all Lesbian University.You could buy a house in any neighborhood from lesbian real estate companies. No fear of being fired from all lesbian businesses.

See lesbian newscasters on the local news; lesbian commercials geared to our specific market. A lesbian Mayor, Governor and all Lezi city council people. Service calls to your home are by lesbian plumbers, lesbian exterminators, postal carriers, cable installers and lesbian electricians.”

Memorable Responses:
“I might visit, but I love diversity. I need to be around and interact with a wide variety people so I am always reminded to respect and value everyone equally. Voluntary segregation would not be good for my thoughts. I might start to feel superior to those who were not part of my group or I might stop trying to understand others because I’d no longer be challenged to do so. But, I wouldn’t mind being in a place where my minority was a slightly larger percentage. 2% just isn’t cutting it.” (swissmiss)

“I just spent the last two years of my life with social work do-gooders. While i am one too, being around 80 other women every day for hours… that long…. was way. too. much..” (Nodame)

“It’s called Dinah Shore.” (Thembani)

The lesbian “state” of Dinah Shore

Why You Should Follow This Thread:
Whenever anyone proposes a “Utopian” society, it’s always interesting to see who shares the vision, and who thinks of all the things that could go wrong. Plus, the description sounds like a feature film that’s just waiting to be written.