Styled Out: Gladiator wars

So, I’m about to eat my words. Remember when I was ragging on gladiator-style sandals pretty hard a couple of weeks ago? I’m admitting now that I absolutely spoke too soon and I’m willing to back pedal and beg for mercy at your sometimes cutting comebacks to my occasionally rash generalizations.

A girl I work with whose style I totally admire strolled into the salon one day wearing a pair of these:

Now, my biggest hang up with the gladiators is that they were being imitated by every cheap, chintzy manufacturing company and therefore, blackening the trend in my eyes. Thank God it was a temporary blindness, because people I have seen the light. While still admittedly trendy, they’ll be around to see the end of this season at least, if not another.

Besides, these higher end (without being insanely expensive) options are a bit jazzed up. Leather keeps it classic and there are plenty of metallic and buckled versions that should be to your liking.
A big name in brining back the appeal for me is DV by Dolce Vita. Honestly, mind blowing. Once I saw my co-worker in kicks like those I was on a quest and I didn’t have to look far. Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom were highly resourceful.

While on the hunt, I also came along what I gather to be the next level of sandals/flat hybrids — the peep toe flat boot. I’m having a little bit of a problem wrapping my head entirely around this one but in time, I’m pretty sure that I could be swayed. I mean, check these out:

Again, with the DV by Dolce Vita. Are they trying to make me drain my bank account entirely? Sell my soul to the devil that is DV? (Sweet, sweet evil.) I imagine it would be worth it.

Matiko Vaughn created this Gladiator “boot” with a wedge heel. I’ve seen a flat pair or two that could easily be my jam, but the heel is a bit much for me to handle, especially since it’s paired with something associated with the ease and comfort of summer shoe wearing. The flat kind are awesome if you dig higher boots and they’re uber sex-kittenish.

Accept my apology? These kicks are kickin’ me for it.