Gay Girls on YouTube Who Will Keep You Laughing in 2017

We need to keep our spirits up in 2017, because who’s to say what the coming year may bring. Comedy is a time-honored remedy for a multitude of troubles, and even if it can’t turn back the clock and revive Clexa or elect anyone but Trump, it sure does help. By no means an exhaustive list, we found five vlogging sensations whose humor we thought needed to be shared with AE readers ASAP. Here are some highlights from their funniest YouTube moments.

FOXY keeps it real about adult parties, especially white adult parties in this video. Wait for impersonations because they are pretty on point. The rest of her YouTube channel is HERE.

The Gay Women Channel gave us this Honey Badger parody of a straight girl at a gay bar….just watch.

Lesbian stereotypes exist for a reason, and this video by Two Dykes and a Tyke reminds us to lighten up and laugh at ourselves.

“Two Dykes and a Tyke” publishes new videos on Thursdays and Mondays, and they devote their Monday posts to their path to motherhood. Thursdays are when you can expect the LOLZ. Follow their channel HERE.

“My Drunk Kitchen” is both a YouTube channel and a New York Times bestselling book. In her videos, Hannah Hart  cooks up crab cakes, ramen burgers, and other culinary delights with plenty of liquid courage to fortify her. Like what you see?  Subscribe to her channel where she delivers a steady stream of new videos HERE. If you want even more of Hannah, she just released her memoir, Buffering.

Lacie and Robin are an adorable couple that likes to break down what’s going on in the world with a lighthearted spin. Lacie’s deadpan humor is the best part, especially in this video where she tries to come out to T-Mobile and a few other companies. Want to see more? Follow their channel HERE.