15 HOT Instagram Accounts for the Female Gaze

We decided that the best way to get through inauguration week is to follow some ‘queer eye for the gay girl’ eye candy on Instagram. We put together a collection of butches, studs, femmes, bois, lipstick lesbians, androgynous, glamdro, and basically, all kinds of hot LGBT women to give you a little rest from the President of whom we shall not speak. Besides, the best way to fight back against all the pussy grabbing is to turn it on its head. So here are some females for the FEMALE gaze. Imagine that. Click on their names to follow them all on Insta. You’re welcome.

Ari Fitz


Madison Paige 

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A Dapper Chick

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Tucky Williams


Cristi Duncan

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Kate Moennig

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Out Girls


Mack Dihle


Girl on Girl (Instagram for the official documentary film)




Tom Girl Femme

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Lauren Bedford Russell


Lily Khuu

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Samira Wiley


Halle Johnson

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