Six Brands Where Lesbians Run the Fashion Show

There is a lot of information circulating around the internet on what brands to boycott due to the Trump administration’s anti-LGBT stance (among a laundry list of other reasons…). But what about brands that support the gay community? We made a list last year of gay and lesbian-friendly brands to support, which you can find HERE.  But we wanted to put together a list for the fashion conscious because while we may not feel good in these uncertain times, we can still look good. Right? We’re gay, it’s in our genes.

J. Crew

Elton John AIDS Foundation's 13th Annual An Enduring Vision Benefit At Cipriani Wall Street Powered By CIROC Vodka

The brand isn’t lesbian OWNED, but J.Crew President Jenna Lyons is both a fashion icon and ultimate power lesbian. This photo alone gives us reason to shop at J. Crew, in case we can ever look good enough to pull off this look (imitate at your own risk).

Tomboy X

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Mostly undies, socks, tanks, and loungewear. Tomboy X is for the tomboy/androgynous-leaning who want comfortable, well-designed underwear made with “a human agenda.” The company largely caters to the queer and transgender communities, offering underwear that is designed to fit any woman’s body, regardless of where they fall on the gender spectrum.

Lyon Fine Jewelry

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Former Real L Word star Lauren Bedford Russell launched her fine jewelry collection in 2011. The collection offers conflict-free, 100% made in America unisex jewelry. The majority of the collection is made using black rhodium sterling silver and gold, and black and white diamonds. Russell is committed to giving back through several charitable causes, most notably the National MS Society, and to bring awareness to the disease following her own 2012 diagnosis.


via Instagram
via Instagram

Liberating menswear one bowtie at a time, Wildfang describes their philosophy: “We are modern-day female Robin Hoods, raiding men’s closets and dispensing the styles we love through a single destination. From wingtips and blazers to exclusive content and inspiration, Wildfang aims to bring out the best in you by serving both your tomboy fashion sense and your tomboy spirit, 24/7/365.  Because, while it’s true that fashions change with the seasons, badass incidentally never goes out of style.”


Kirrin Finch

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Menswear-inspired fashion that uses all natural fabrics and environmentally sustainable practices. Long and short-sleeved button-ups, tees, bow ties. Kirrin Finch was founded by Laura Moffat and Kelly Sanders Moffat, in Brooklyn, New York. The women have a unique approach in their design. According to their website,  “The name, Kirrin Finch, was inspired by iconic fictional tomboys “Georgina Kirrin” from The Famous Five series and “Scout Finch” from To Kill A Mockingbird. Both these characters embrace the tomboy spirit and are not constrained by society’s views of how a woman should behave or dress. You’ll probably notice that each shirt takes on the name of a tomboy character.”

Card Carrying Lesbian


“Finding a cure for femme invisibility one necklace at a time.” Sasha Lotrian crafts custom-made, hand stamped pieces that let the world know exactly who you are. She started her collection because, in her own words, ” After years of looking for just the right jewelry that would make a statement, and by statement I mean something that would scream “I’m so gay!!” …. I could never find anything that suited my sense of style or personality. It got to be such a problem, I seriously considered getting a tattoo that read “dyke” or “so gay” on my inner arm. Then one day it hit me, if I can’t find what I’m looking for, why not make it myself?!”