Styled Out: Planning for Pride

There are those events in life that you have to plan for, because you care what you look like that day — Pride being one of them. It’s a day of thorough preparation, but usually with what you layer your stomach with to handle the impending alcohol rather than what you’ll be throwing on your body that day. In any scenario, it’s a day of thought, reverence and usually (except for you underage ladies) a day of heavy intoxication.

Honestly, the most important thing that you could possibly put on before standing out on the street all day is sunscreen. Dependent on your skin tone, your level of protection required may vary but hear this, chicas: No amount of pigment in your skin will protect you entirely so suit up! Have your girlfriend slather on some SPF so that this indirect foreplay doesn’t inhibit any post-Pride (ahem) activity.

Burt’s Bees makes a nice, paraben-free variety that’s both a UVA and UVB filter and has a clean, herbal scent.

Dyke March goes hand in hand with the national annual Pride parades and after attending oh, I don’t know, eight or so in the fair city of Chicago, it’s hard to watch trends go unnoticed. The most prominent and outstanding trend is hands down the shirts off in favor of tape-in-an-“X” across one’s breasts. While an admirer, I’ve never been able to go “balls out” and shimmy out of my tank top in order to fully express my lesbian and feminist pride so publicly. The solution? A photo of your breasts on a T-shirt.

If I weren’t missing this year’s march in honor of my dear friend’s wedding (a lesbian, I might add) I would pretty much be running out to get this one-of-a-kind T made for myself to wear and proudly but not so obviously display my boobs with. Seriously, it’s not only hilarious but it’s a modest lady’s bow-out. I’ll still scream for the girls gutsy enough to do it “for real” if that’s more you bag.

I’ve never been a super fan of wearing rainbow gear head to toe to Pride events, but I’ve always been a huge fan of subtle detail.The best part of rainbows being so universal is that you can find an accent or two nearly anywhere you might already be shopping. We’re talking Walgreens, people. I bought a pair of pink flip-flops with rainbow cloth bands for the “thong” portion of the shoe there for about seven whole dollars there in a crunch a few years ago.

Rainbow suspenders, flats with a rainbow detail — they’re everywhere. Get on a treasure hunt, ‘cuz they’re stashed everywhere.

In true lesbian fashion, by combining practicality with a fashion statement, you could also pick up a pair of Rainbow brand flip-flops. They’re uber comfortable as well as pretty neutral basically making them your new favorite shoe for warmer weather. The teeny rainbow on the tag of the sandal is like a bonus.

What will you be wearing this Pride?