“Animal Warmth” is going to save Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is this Tuesday, putting the pressure on to create the perfect romantic evening for your lady love. If you’re single, the pressure is off, but then the holiday becomes a reminder that you may die a lonely cat lady. Whatever your situation, here is some good news. On February 14th, a new lesbian web series, “Animal Warmth,” is coming to a laptop near you. Here’s why you should look forward to snuggling up to this (girlfriend not required). The series was co-created by a lesbian, it stars a lesbian character, it’s funny, it’s genuine, and it’s highly relatable to anyone who has ever suffered from social anxiety. Plus, the show is predominated by a mostly female cast and crew. We are already in love.

Jenna, the series’ lead character, is charmingly awkward. As described by co-creator Kirsten Strough in a recent press release,

“Jenna is a gifted artist and moderately successful professional with severe social anxiety. On the surface, her journey plays out through dating and romantic misadventures, but underneath, this is a story about Jenna falling in love with herself. Hijinks, some misinterpreted signals, and a little heartache pave the way for Jenna’s acceptance of her shy, awkward self as someone worthwhile and worthy of happiness. She’d just prefer not to talk about it.”

Lady Les Bois Productions
Lady Les Bois Productions

Strough created the production company Lady Les Bois with the intent to include more female producers and filmmakers.

“It can be difficult for women to get on a film crew. The industry is primarily made up of guys, and women often get relegated to planning and organizational roles. I think it’s crucial to provide women with an opportunity to work in their craft and for audiences to have access to content created by women.”

Strough, who co-produced “Animal Warmth”  is also the series’ Cinematographer, and helped with story development. She emphasizes that LGBTQ film is very important to her for personal reason.  “Having grown up as a closeted lesbian in a rural Idaho community, TV and film was my only outlet to see a world beyond that town where I might one day feel safe and happy and be part of a supportive community,” says Strough.

So if you’ve been wondering what to do with your lonesome self on V-Day, or if you’re coupled and the two of you are looking for something  new to watch, you just might fall in love with “Animal Warmth.”

Get over to the Lady Les Bois (clever name, don’t ya think?) YouTube channel to subscribe, and you can watch the series trailer right here:

UPDATE: The first episode is now available on YouTube!