#ThatsHarassment is a Video Series That is Calling Out Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is something that affects all women, whether directly or indirectly, and regardless of sexual orientation. Cosmopolitan.com recently launched  a new series of short videos produced by David Schwimmer in an effort to raise awareness about sexual harassment, and to point out exactly when and how it happens.

Sometimes women put up with sexual harassment in order to keep their jobs, or to avoid confrontation out of fear of violence, or even just to keep the peace. And it isn’t always obvious when it’s happening. In some cases, women shrug it off or aren’t sure if what happened counts. This series reveals moments when it certainly IS  happening, both in obvious and in subtle ways that may at first seem innocent.  For example, this video depicts a case of blatant harassment:

In another video,  it’s clear that the woman isn’t sure until near the end of the interaction how she feels about what just happened. Does this look familiar? It is an excellent example of the type of harassment that catches you off guard, and may leave you asking yourself if you’re “over reacting.” You’re not.

Warning. Some of these are difficult to watch, and the rest are more triggering than these two, in our opinion. Still, they’re important and we highly recommend  you watch, share and call out sexual harassment, whether you feel like it’s happening to you, or you witness it happening to someone else. Check out the rest of the  #ThatsHarassment series on Cosmopolitan.com’s  YouTube channel HERE.