Best Friends Build Their Perfect Love Matches in “Build a Boo”


What if you could build the lover of your dreams? Would she be passionate, confident, tall, witty, and have long wavy hair? What if instead of hoping to meet that special woman, you could just build her, down to your specifications? Well, that’s exactly what two best friends decide to do in their imaginative, quirky new mini series, “Build a Boo.”

The premise of “Build a Boo” is something we can all relate to. Two best friends, one lesbian and one straight, desperately want to fix their struggling love lives, but  both of them just haven’t met the right woman/man. The two women, while fantasizing of what their perfect partners would be like, come up with a solution. They will construct them…literally. Out of construction paper. And they’ll make a mini series about their loves lives in the process.

Watch. Trust us, these two are adorable.


The series is currently seeking backers on their INDIEGOGO page, and we hope their project comes to fruition because it’s certainly deserving. Executive producer and writer Michelle A. Daniel has made several independent film projects in the past, but this one is near and dear to her heart. She says of the project, “Build A Boo has a sense of magic to it and I want to share that with the world. There are so many love stories out there, but I have to believe there’s not one told like Build A Boo. This film symbolizes rebirth for myself and my team. We are some of the hardest working independent filmmakers and we have something to prove. We are going to do just that with Build a Boo and YOU! Help us show the world what can be done with a small team of passionate creatives and unbreakable drive.”

From the series synopsis:

Fall head over hills in love with Ava & Taylor as they struggle through their crazy love life trying to make sense of it and somehow fix it with construction paper. Ava, the feisty lesbian who is on the verge of not believing in love again after the horrible separation from her ex, and Taylor, the girl-next door who is in love with a no good mama’s boy with too many children to count, dare to think that their love life has a chance of survival. Love circles back around for the both of them, but are they truly ready for what they’ve asked for?

Let’s help these women Build a Boo!