Styled Out: Simplify and look great with a tank

The past few days have been a huge reality bitch-slap of an extreme heat wave traveling through the Midwest. I was sitting here, twiddling my thumbs and biding my time in the 70 degree weather wondering when the true Chicago summer was going to take the reigns and send us running back to our apartments, basking in air-conditioned glory.

It has truly arrived, and I realize that some of my readers are experiencing winter right now, being on the opposite side of the hemisphere and all, so tuck this stuff away for when you need it.

It’s awesome not having to worry about bringing a jacket with me every time I leave the house but something that can be somewhat taxing is trying to stay cool while not looking trashy, especially when it counts (i.e. work). The answer is simple and is the same for many wardrobe dilemmas, and that my friends is layering.

Pair a razorback with another tank or T-shirt

Cute sundress that seems a bit too skimpy to don around your boss? Throw a tank top underneath for some extra coverage. I also like this because it lets you experiment with patterns and color and keep some creativity in your ensemble, regardless of how minimal.

Tank tops are also great when layered together. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to dress somewhat casual for your 9 to 5 but would like your co-workers to keep their minds out of the gutter, put on a couple of these babies at once. It ends up looking cool and can be interesting depending on your choices. It also looks as though you thought about what you were wearing that day — at least a little bit.

I would stay away from traditional undershirt looking tanks that you buy by the pack from Target. That’s a little too casual for the office but if it’s the weekend, by all means, go wild.

My favorite places to grab tanks of choice that are interesting but not overly priced are small boutiques. Chances are that you do have a local boutique that you can conveniently pop into at will to scout out the latest arrivals. Take a chance on a small business in your neck of the woods, you may be pleasantly surprised. You will most definitely be wearing something original, which is always the best when you’re in the midst of a sea full of bare shoulders.

Camo tank by Dykes in the City

Of course, places like American Apparel and Urban Outfitters are always a sure bet and you’ll find no shortage of solids here.

How do you make tank tops call you Mama?