Ellen and Portia are happy just the two of them

This may come as a total shock to some people — like the people who assume every lesbian couple is just like Queer as Folk‘s Mel and Lindsay, who are all about having a bunch of babies — but Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi aren’t planning on having kids anytime soon, if ever.

After they got married last year, Ellen told People magazine that having kids “would be fun” but also pointed out that they realized it’d be a lot of work and “in a way, we want to be selfish because we love our life, but we know how much that adds to it.”

Apparently, they’ve reconsidered just how much that would add.

Ellen recently told AOL Television that she and Portia are “very happily married without children” and are just glad to be cool aunts to Portia’s brother’s new daughter, Eva.

Despite having recently been voted the No.1 celebrity couple parents would trust to babysit their children (even beating Brad and Angelina), Ellen told AOL:

I don’t think we’re going to have kids. We have animals, and we love them. And, you know, we are brand new aunts. Her brother and his wife just had a baby girl who’s a month old now, and it’s fun to be a part of that.

But, Ellen and Portia, if you ever want to be “cool aunts” to any one else, I’m totally available. And by cool aunts, I mean BFFs (because that’s less creepy).

Is this news surprising to you? Why do you think it is to so many people? Sure, they both seem like nurturing types, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to just enjoy life together (and their pets).