OITNB GIFs That Explain Exactly What Love Feels Like

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Ahhhh, love. The land of a thousand feelings. The thing we all want even if we don’t always admit it. Even when we are scared of it…even when we run from it for fear of getting hurt, we want it. ¬†Because love feels amazing when it’s going well. It makes us feel ALIVE. But sometimes love hurts. Sometimes love can feel elusive, and sometimes love is just…complicated. OITNB knows that. Here are our favorite moments when the show proved it understood that human affliction called LOVE.

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OITNB is so awesome at describing exactly how love feels.

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When love makes your sex life incredible, because sex with the one you love is the BEST kind.

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Love hurts sometimes. Bad. And we’ve all been there….

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But love is worth it. Poussey knew that. It’s one of the many reasons we LOVED Poussey.

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Because the truth is, we are lucky to ever find love at all. It can sometimes feel like maybe we never will.


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And there you are thinking “love will never find me” and suddenly BOOM ¬†– THERE she is. And you act all goofy and awkward and maybe you do some crazy things because you’re so into her you literally can’t think straight.

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And you just know she’s a keeper.

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There’s that love that makes up for all the times your heart was broken. And if you haven’t found it yet, there’s always hope. You have to put yourself out there, and that can be scary. But after all, love is worth the risk.

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